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It's okay to have a lot of questions about what lingerie to wear for a boudoir session, whether you have done a shoot before or not. Every session of a boudoir photoshoot is meant to be unique - even if the reasons are the same. There is a lot to consider to make the best of a boudoir shoot. You must choose the right day and time, find a skilled photographer, and pick the right clothing that complements the occasion. I will not lie - choosing or shopping for the right clothes to wear for a boudoir shoot is a delicate science. While there are no rigid rules on what to wear, here are the general rules you can follow in choosing what makes you feel confident, sexy, and on top of the world.

Rule Number 1: Do Not Assume; Always Try it Out

Most women's sense of fashion, especially when it comes to lingerie, bras, and underwear, is shaped by other people. They get suggestions based on what other people, mostly men, see (or do not). The first rule in bringing out your best during a boudoir shoot is to eliminate the notion that all nude or only laced lingerie is sexy. There are many options for props and clothing before a boudoir shoot. Most women never regret shopping specifically for a shoot. Shopping for the right undies, bras, and lingerie is a fun and rewarding part of a boudoir shoot. The most crucial element is to choose clothing that suits your style and makes you look and feel amazing. There is no harm in trying something new either - you will never know how great you look until you try it.