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Boudoir photography Studio

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Welcome to our Boudoir Photography Studio!


Colorado Springs Boudoir is pleased to offer Boudoir photo shoots in our amazing natural light boudoir photography studio located in Colorado Springs. Our Boudoir studio is specially decorated to create beautiful boudoir photos of you. Our studio has plenty of beautiful natural light, hardwood floors and lots of props to customize your boudoir experience.

If our boudoir studio isn’t the look, you are going for? We are more than happy to do on location boudoir photography shoots at your residences, favorite hotel or other location!



Our Beautiful Natural Light Studio


Colorado Springs Studio


Our Colorado Springs Studio is an elegant, naturally lit, comfortable space to let your hair down. Bubbly is always chilling in the fridge, whatever music you want will be playing on the speakers, there are multiple sexy sets to mimic a romantic home or hotel, and a relaxing makeup and hair station to get your beauty on before your session.



We Want You looking Your Best for your Boudoir shoot

We highly recommend that adding hair and makeup to your session is an invaluable investment you are making in yourself! Our professional makeup artist understands lighting to make the perfect look on camera. It is important to understand that the wrong products, application or color choices (while they may look great for daily use) can negatively affect the final outcome of your session. We have all seen those unfortunate photos, where they have white powder streaks, ghost face or too much shimmer on skin that make it appear crepe-y. We want you walk into your session knowing that none of these mishaps will take place and our professional makeup artist will have you looking your very best. Remember, it is not your job to take an amazing photo, it’s ours and it starts in the makeup room.

Makeup station
Makeup station