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Why You, Yes You, Should Do A Boudoir Shoot

Why You, Yes You, Should Do A Boudoir Shoot



Boudoir shoots are something a lot of women don’t even know exist, but they can be an amazing experience. A boudoir shoot is about showing you off in all of your sensual glory, improving your appreciation of your body and empowering you as a woman. A good boudoir photographer will help you see yourself in a new, sexy light. So, here are some reasons you might want to do one:


You Need Self Confidence

Too many of us don’t see ourselves as beautiful. In fact, most of us are constantly bombarded with messages that our bodies are not good enough. Messages meant to sell us fad diets, corsetry, push up bras and all kinds of other ways to “improve” what nature gave us.


A good boudoir shoot will show off your best features, without masking or hiding them. You’ll get proof of exactly how sexy you can be (and possibly some advice on the sexy lingerie you should be wearing to highlight you, not try to turn into somebody else).


You’re Celebrating A Lifestyle Milestone

Boudoir photos make a great birthday present for yourself; and one you can take out later to remind yourself what you had (then why not go get another one to prove you still have it!).


Pregnant? Maternity boudoir is a thing too, and it’ll help you feel better about the changes to your body. Or wait until after you’ve had the kid and do one to celebrate “getting your figure back.” Or celebrate the inevitable changes. Maybe having kids finally did something about those A cups? Mothers are absolutely gorgeous, and need to be reminded of that fact at any time from pregnancy through sending them off to college.


You Just Broke Up and Now You Feel Like You Don’t Have It

Oh dear, the dreaded D word. Whether your relationship was formal or informal, it’s easy to feel that you lost it, that you weren’t good enough. Even if you’re the one who initiated the break up.


Scheduling a boudoir shoot can remind you of how amazing you are, and that really, it’s their loss, not yours. It can also help you move on and know you have something to offer to your next relationship.


Just don’t send them to your ex. That’s just petty, and we aren’t going to be petty.


You Want To Share an Experience With Your Closest Friends

Boudoir shoots are one on one, but taken sequentially they can make for a great girls’ night out or even your (or somebody else’s) bachelorette party. You can exchange pictures afterwards, just be sure to compliment rather than competing.


In fact, a great time to do it is before the bachelorette party…because the photographer will be helping you with amazing, professional quality makeup and hair that you can then take out on the town.


You Want To Surprise Your Significant Other

Really, boudoir shoots are for yourself. But photos make a great gift for the man (or special woman) in your life. If you do photos for your bachelorette party, then they make a great gift.


Or you can do a shoot to celebrate a milestone anniversary, create an amazing gift for Valentine’s Day, Christmas (just not in front of the stodgy relatives) or their birthday. Either way, boudoir photos make a great gift and might even give you some ideas for things to wear in the bedroom.


And, of course, you can combine these reasons. Maybe you got the shoot done to boost your self-confidence…then get copies made to share with your beloved.


A boudoir shoot is a great way to feel empowered and sexy, and get fantastic photos that you can share with the person you most love, or keep all to yourself to remind yourself that you have “it,” whether you believe it or not. To find out more or to schedule your very own amazing boudoir shoot, contact Colorado Springs Boudoir today.


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Boudoir Myths Busted

There seem to be many myths pertaining to boudoir photography. And unfortunately, these myths prevent many women from participating in this amazing experience! Let’s go ahead and bust five of the biggest myths and ease your fears if you find yourself being hesitant.

I have to be naked.

It doesn’t matter if you’re wearing lingerie, a potato sack, or nothing at all. The main purpose of Boudoir photography is to empower the subject, not to make them uncomfortable. There is only one person who dictates how far you need to go with your shoot in order to reveal your inner goddess, and that is you. You don’t have to jump up and down on the bed in your birthday suit to feel empowered, though if you choose to do so you will not be judged for it.

I am not perfect.

Yes, you are! Who you are in this very moment is exactly who you should be as you begin this journey. I’ve photographed every age, size, shape, color, whatever, and the results are always gorgeous. There are too many things in this life that we choose not to experience because we don’t match societies beauty standards. Boudoir photography will help release the chains that bind you, and you will see that anything is possible!

I will be judged for it.

Your shoot will be exactly what you want it to be, but there is naturally an element of sexuality to it. When it comes to something so incredibly personal, there are bound to be feelings of vulnerability and the fear of being judged. It is not for anyone but you to decide what makes you feel like a goddess. I’m there as a facilitator, and to capture it in the art of photography. I do not judge. Besides, nobody will see these photographs unless you choose to share them. They can be your little secret!

Everybody will see my photographs.

As the client, YOU decide what I can use for promotional purposes. After your shoot is over, you will go through the photographs and choose your favorites, but you will also choose if there are any photographs you are willing to let me use for my portfolio and for other promotional use such as Facebook and my web site. I require explicit permission in writing before I post a boudoir photograph online. If you decide you do not want your photographs posted online then this is completely fine too. They are your pictures to do with as you see fit. We shoot a lot of our promo work with willing models for this reason!

I don’t have someone (a partner/ significant other) to do this for.

Yes, you do! These photographs are for YOU above all else. Sure, lots of people have these sessions done so that they can give their partner a gift he/she will never forget, and of course that’s a wonderful idea. However, first and foremost, a boudoir photo session is a gift to YOU!