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Boudoir Photography Portfolio

Boudoir Photography Portfolio




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A Colorado Springs boudoir photography session can represent many things, whether you want to capture a certain milestone in your life, create a memorable gift, celebrate getting into shape, or just reconnect with your the inner vixen side of yourself . After your photo session not only will you walk away feeling beautiful, sexy and empowered. You’ll actually end up experiencing so much more, you’ll see yourself in a totally new light. Our staff will make you look your best. We use posing, lighting and retouching techniques that turn brides-to-be, soccer moms or boardroom execs- into cover



Take the leap!

If you are here it means you are already interested in boudoir but aren’t exactly sure if you are ready to take the leap just yet. Am I right? The majority of our client’s have never done anything like this before, which means I will never expect you to walk in the door knowing what to do.

Our promise is to guide you through the entire process. Before the photo shoot I will send a Prep Guide and other helpful tools. During the photo shoot I will direct everything. I don’t expect you to know posing, that’s my job! My priority is calming nerves and making you feel comfortable in front of the camera! Finally, after the photo shoot we will look through all of your images together at your Reveal Meeting. I am here to help you look amazing!