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Bridal Boudoir photography

Colorado Springs Bridal Boudoir Photography


Create a timeless wedding gift with stunning bridal boudoir photos

Bridal Boudoir Photography is the best groom gift idea ever! Never mind that traditional wedding present for your new husband! Surprising the groom on wedding day with an album or folio box full of beautiful and sexy boudoir portraits! Bridal Boudoir Photography is a special gift that both you and your husband will always cherish.

For the bride to be! We offer soft and romantic artful boudoir styled photography shoot sessions at our Colorado Springs studio. Our boudoir shoot session are shot in an artful editorial style format and is all about the luminous simplicity of a woman’s natural beauty. A boudoir session is a beautiful gift to give your groom, but most importantly an intimate gift to yourself.

Brides often work so hard to be their best selves for that walk down the aisle. Their skin care is on point, they have worked harder than ever at the gym, their tan is perfection, they are eating well, their eyebrows are flawless, they may be investing in eyelash extensions, they are buying lingerie for the wedding night…and on and on. It truly is something that she should be able to look back on in her photos. Her beauty, her femininity, her joy, her confidence, her allure as a bride to be is always so special. For her to have a stunning bridal boudoir photography session which captures all of this is truly priceless.



Many women find that a bridal boudoir photography session helps to boost their confidence about their body, when they see how amazing their images look. Your bridal boudoir photographer will coach you through the photo session. We will position you so your body is in flattering poses and using the camera to accentuate the positive features of your body.

Plus, a bridal boudoir photo shoot gives you the opportunity to pamper yourself and take a break from wedding planning.  You will be pampered at the same time our professional makeup artist goes to work to ensure that you look great in the photos.